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Logs for sale (Dry and ready to burn)

Firewood Supplier In Helensburgh and Surrounding Area

Our firewood logs seasoning in a well ventilated barn.

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Logs for sale in breathable, mosquito mesh barrow bags.


We are a small family company offering a simple product (dry, ready to burn logs for sale at a reasonable price).

Our firewood logs are often the by-product of local tree care activities (Our other company is Liam MacKenzie Specialist Tree Care). We both process and season raw timber into dry firewood on our premises and also supplement this with ready seasoned or kiln dried logs obtained from managed forests and woodlands.

Our delivery vehicles are Land Rovers, a small lorry and a small van, so we can access most sites.

The barrow bag / net bag delivery format means that in the majority of cases we can get the logs right to where you want them (garage, wood store etc.) rather than just leaving them where you don't.

Delivery in the Helensburgh area is free. We frequently deliver a bit further afield too so please enquire.